About Us

We are Annie, Andy & Jack – two ordinary people and a dog leading relatively ordinary lives.

Us – two ordinary people
Jack – a relatively ordinary dog

Until now.

Although we’re still a bit off retirement age yet we’ve decided that the regular 9-5 toil is no longer for us and it’s time for a change. As with most people we’ve followed the usual pattern of getting a good education, then a job, then a better job to buy a car and a house, then a better car and better house and stuff to fill it followed by more stuff to fill it etc. In short, we were caught up in the everlasting “rat-race” of consumerism.

But the quest for more and more stuff meant that the vast majority of time was spent apart and at work. When Andy started working at least one day of every weekend this meant we only saw each other for one day a week. Not enough. Also, this made it very difficult to catch up with friends and family, never mind each other. We found ourselves just living from holiday to holiday which was inevitably over all too soon before being plunged back into the tedium of work again.

We’ve always had a love of being outdoors; just walking with the dog (Jack), enjoying the fresh air and sunshine (when available!) and basically just living a more simplistic life. In the past we’ve camped, caravanned (briefly) but always yearned for the mobility that a campervan/motorhome would offer and so a plan was born…

Over the last few years we have been actively looking to reduce our overheads, save money and start to lead a simpler life with the hope that one day we could buy a van, rent the house and just go.

That day has now come and, inspired by such people as Andrew Ditton, Joe & Kate Russo and The Grey Gappers whose adventures we have followed online, we are about to embark on our journey of a lifetime.

Or as we call it, our Gap Decade.

You might ask why are we giving up our home, income, security for a journey into the unknown. The answer is to be free, to have TIME, take risks and to live life on our own terms.

Of all of the above, having more time is the most important. Time for each other, time to catch up with family and friends, time just to slow down and enjoy life and living. We want to live, not just exist

There’s a great quotation that says:

“Doing what you like is freedom and liking what you do is happiness”

And from Susan Jeffers:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

…which is what we’re doing. The thing we fear the most is not trying and failing but getting to a point when we’re not able to do it and wishing that we had gone when we had the chance.