And Now For Something Completely Different…

It’s been a while since the last post so apologies for that. Truth be told, it’s the weather’s fault – when it’s good (as it has been lately) I’m not really in the mood for sitting behind a computer and when the weather’s bad (as it has been lately) we’re not really in the mood for going out and doing stuff that may pass as being vaguely interesting to read about.

I blame the bad weather on the Met Office’s recently adopted policy of naming storms, such as Storm Derek or whatever it was that we’ve recently endured. Previously, we just had some rain blown about by a breeze of varying strengths and nobody really took much notice. Now though, the “storm” has a name – something to live up to and become more memorable than “Storm Steve” or “Hurricane Hannah” (we’ve got one of those!) that preceded it. So let’s just go back to having “rain” or “wind” and do away with this naming nonsense!

Anyway, as ever, I digress. Another, and altogether more practical, reason for the delay in posting is to try something new; something completely different, hence the title. Photos can tell a story certainly, but a video can put things more into perspective and give a real sense of being there. So, for a change, I’ve recently been shooting video rather than photos which has necessitated quite a learning curve in terms of shooting, editing (particularly!) and uploading to YouTube.

So here are a couple to start with – firstly, a few shots in and around Cirencester:

And then a trip to the New Forest:

These are very much a work in progress and hopefully, with practice, will improve over time.

5 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…”

  1. Excellent job done there. I feel like I am there with you lol….hair looks lovely Annie.
    Keep up the good work…elaine. X


    1. Thank Elaine, it was a year yesterday since we set off on this big adventure. We’ve had an amazing journey, met some great people and learned so much about touring, about each other and ourselves. No regrets. Think off you all many times (usually at 9:30 when I’m still in bed😂😂). Exciting news in next blog!! Take care Xx

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Andy. I think videos is a great addition. I know you will have thought of these ideas already but, get ahead of Annie to video her walking towards you and even better, use a tripod to get you both walking in the frame. Onwards! Bob.


    1. Thanks Bob. As I said, video blogs are definitely a work in progress and the footage is generally shot just as we’re out & about rather than being specifically set up. Added to that, neither of us (me particularly) actually like to appear on camera anyway!
      Hope you’re keeping well.


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