Going Nationwide

One of the downsides of living in the van is not being able to collect post easily. Before we embarked on this epic trip we set up a mail redirection with Royal Mail from our old home address to Hannah’s flat in London to mop up anything that may still be physically posted to us. Naturally we’ve gone paperless as much as possible and cancelled as much other stuff as we could to avoid mountains of post accumulating in her postbox, but nevertheless some things still need to be actually, physically sent by good old-fashioned mail. 

Like bank cards. 

We’ve been considering a change of bank for a while now and, whilst the sensible approach would have been to do it when we had a house, because we spent so much time preparing the house for rent (and we’re not sensible) we just never got round to it. Until now. 

Several friends and family members have recommended the Nationwide Building Society to us so after extensive online research to confirm their suitability we finally booked an appointment with a young lady called Jasmin at the “local” Winchester branch. 

Winchester is a lovely historic city with plenty of fine old buildings including a not too shabby cathedral but the driving and parking facilities are more suited to horse and cart rather than motorhomes. Parking was a nightmare and resulted in us being late for the appointment – annoying when we actually got up early (8am!!) to get there in plenty of time. 

Anyway, the appointment went very well – Jasmin was fantastically efficient and went through the various stages of initiating the switch of all our accounts over from Lloyd’s. All was looking good until we realised that the new bank cards would have to be posted to us – and subsequently redirected to Hannah. To make matters worse, we could only realistically collect the cards at a weekend and for the next two weekends after the transfer completes Hannah won’t be there!

So we’re currently in the slightly worrying position of seeing several thousand pounds of our money disappear from our Lloyd’s accounts without actually being able to see it in our new Nationwide accounts! 

We sincerely hope that once we collect the cards and can actually access the new accounts the money’s all sitting there waiting and we’re not ringing up Nationwide to have them say “Jasmin? Jasmin who? Sorry, we’ve nobody working here called Jasmin…”!

So in the meantime what else could we do, given that it’s autumn and the weather’s still glorious, but head to one of our favourite places – namely the New Forest where we spent several days enjoying walking and cycling from our pitch among the trees at the Setthorns campsite in the heart of the forest. 

Who needs money when you’ve got times like these?!

Campsite in the trees
The view from the door. Bit of a wild back garden!
The bracken was looking splendidly autumnal…
…and covered large areas of the forest…
…but the trees still had a way to go
On the way to Sway…
Us, on our bikes, with Jack.



2 thoughts on “Going Nationwide”

  1. Loving the blogs, if that’s not a rude term. Great phots too. What are you taking the shots with because they are good?


  2. Thanks Si – all the pics are taken with my Fuji X100F, generally using the Velvia film simulation. It’s a brilliant travel camera and although I’ve also got my Fuji XT2 with me, it’s the X100 that’s always in the backpack!


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