Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle is the most northerly of Scotland’s great houses and is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland being occupied since the early 1300s. As is the case with many of these old piles, the cost of upkeep necessitates the current owners opening their doors to the good old General Public allowing them to flock through in their coachloads admiring the centuries-old decor and furnishings. All this for a very reasonable £11.50 which included a free falconry display if you arrived at the right time (we didn’t)

Dunrobin Castle, seen from the rear
Dunrobin Castle, seen from the rear

One of the most notable things we’ve found with Scotland so far, apart from the unfailingly friendly and welcoming people, is that most places allow you to park for free – including Dunrobin Castle even if you weren’t actually visiting the building itself. And if you were planning to actually set foot inside the attractions, the entrance fee is very reasonable too. Compare that to anywhere in England run by the National Trust, English Heritage or the ghastly Tussauds Group that seems to exist purely to solicit as much money out of visitors as possible to boost their profits, rather than protecting our heritage for future generations to enjoy. I’m looking at you Warwick Castle!

Wilma parked at the front of Dunrobin Castle
Wilma parked at the front of Dunrobin Castle

The knock-on effect of not being ripped-off wherever you go is that you actually feel more obliged to spend money on other things – like purchasing local goods or visiting local attractions. Again, compare that to England; height barriers on many carparks, those that are accessible charging ridiculously exorbitant prices and an overall feeling of not being welcome. Ok then, let’s go and spend our money elsewhere…

Us, parked in front of Dunrobin Castle

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