The stopover for the night was to be at the Brora Caravan and Motorhome Club (CMC) campsite which gave us the biggest surprise so far. After arriving and pitching up (in uncharacteristically glorious sunshine I might add) it was time for Jack to go for a walk and park his tea and for us to stretch our legs. Just across from our pitch was a golf course leading onto sand dunes and then a fabulously vast, sandy and totally unoccupied beach! Having successfully dodged the hailstone of golfballs the beach was a great place to unwind and for Jack to enjoy rekindling his absolute fascination with the sea where his pleasure in fetching any kind of driftwood we could toss into it was seemingly endless. Eventually, as ever we had to almost literally drag him away from the beach and back to the van after which he spent the rest of the evening in a mood with his back turned to us.

Deserted beach at Brora
Deserted beach at Brora

We spent the rest of our evening planning the next part of the itinerary which was to finish the east coast section of the route heading north to John O’Groats…

Jack, with stick retrieved, yet again, from the sea
Jack, with stick retrieved, yet again, from the sea

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