Sunshine, Suicidal Goats and Rainbows

Continuing on through Glencoe, the next stop was Fort William – gateway to Ben Nevis and a major outdoor pursuits centre. Our main aim in stopping here wasn’t for a swift ascent of the UK’s highest summit but, rather more mundanely, to visit Morrison’s in order to replenish our dwindling supplies of wine food.

Cupboards stocked, the journey continued to the next site at Morvich in Kintail which was to be our base for the next 3 nights before heading on to Skye.

Morvich was to become our favourite site so far sitting in a fabulous location nestled between the mountains of the Glen Affric valley to the east and Loch Duich to the west. We had originally booked only a couple of nights but the area was so scenically inviting and peaceful that we stayed for three.

The first morning dawned uncharacteristically sunny with an almost cloudless blue sky. After a couple of hours of just sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth Jack was becoming impatient for a walk so with boots and rucksacks donned (us, not Jack) we headed off over the Shiel bridge to Ratagan on the opposite side of the Loch.

Loch Duich in the sunshine!
Loch Duich in the sunshine!

Part of the route ran alongside the main A82 and some local feral goats had decided to choose a tight bend as their preferred crossing point nonchalantly wandering out into oncoming traffic accompanied by much screeching of tyres and gesticulating from drivers. After several minutes of trying to explain the Green Cross Code to them, without success I admit, they all took off into the bushes like lightning as soon as I got the camera out. Maybe they thought I was going to use the pictures as evidence, who knows.

Somewhere along the route I managed to lose my sunglasses and since I was fairly sure I knew where was confident that on our return I’d find them lying on the path by the side of the road. Sadly, this was not to be – there was no sign of them anywhere. Coincidentally, it was at the goat-lecturing point and I swear I saw the one I’d been admonishing earlier scurrying off into the distance wearing them and flicking two hooves up at me in defiance! Or maybe it was the effect of the sun and my overactive imagination…

Although the day had started clear and sunny the clouds started rolling in as we were about halfway back and inevitably proceeded to dump a massive amount of water. Thankfully, a local bus shelter was on hand to dodge the worst of it, after which the rain stopped as abruptly as it had started, the sun blasted through a tear in the clouds and treated us to one of the most magnificent and vibrant rainbows we’d ever seen.

A magnificent rainbow across the valley towards Glen Affric
A magnificent rainbow across the valley looking towards Glen Affric

Day two saw a return to cloudy skies but, thankfully, no rain so a walk was planned on the Affric-Kintail Way – another long distance footpath up the Glen Affric valley and one that, again, we would be covering a very small part of! Despite the lack of sunshine, the scenery didn’t disappoint and made for another wonderfully enjoyable afternoon. Annie and I walked, chatted and took photographs and Jack happily sniffed and weed his way along beside us. Another wonderful day for all.

River and tree on the Affric-Kintail Way

2 thoughts on “Sunshine, Suicidal Goats and Rainbows”

  1. The scenery looks amazing. Thank you Annie for the postcard at work. Everyone is missing you and wishing you well. I am really enjoying following you on you journey. Keep up the wonderful reviews.


    1. Thanks Elaine, glad you are enjoying the blog. Can’t believe you got the postcard so soon as I posted it on the isle of Skye with only a second class stamp! Love to all. Annie x


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