Back to Base

From Portree it was back to the mainland and a very welcome return to the site at Morvich. Arriving at about 6pm and having spent the majority of the day sat in the van, a short trip up the lane to give Jack a bit of run (and park his tea) was in order.

Two and a half hours later, and after a six mile hike we returned. The culprit was a sign promising views of the Falls of Glomach which sounded relatively close by in that we could hear the sound of fast flowing water. So we could, but this mere trickle was not the Falls themselves so onwards we marched getting ever higher as we went. Eventually, 3 miles in and having passed several more waterfalls, each becoming slightly bigger and more ferocious then the last, we came across a reasonably more impressive waterfall which would have to do for now as time was against us. Still more thunderous water could be heard just slightly further up, just around that next bend, just beyond that distant ridge…

Not the Falls of Glomach, but as near as we would get!
Not the Falls of Glomach, but as near as we would get!

By now the evening sun was getting lower in the sky strafing the mountains with its near horizontal rays and revealing even more beauty than we’d seen so far. To continue onwards would mean returning home in the dark and as we’d come out totally unprepared for such a trek, with nothing more illuminating than an iPhone, reluctantly we turned back leaving the elusive Falls of Glomach to be discovered another day. Once back at the van the Map of Disappointing Truths was consulted once again which revealed the Falls were actually about 10 miles up the valley and appeared to be vastly more impressive than everything we’d seen so far combined!

A lovely, but remote place to live
A lovely, but remote place to live

The walk back though was jaw-droppingly stunning watching the sun rapidly disappearing behind the mountains and the clouds starting to roll in giving some amazing light for photos. Back at the van the elaborate culinary creation we had planned for tea (ok, chicken on the barbecue) was abandoned in favour of a quick one-pot rice dish but as we ate this, accompanied as ever by a glass of red, watching the final vestiges of light disappear into darkness we remarked on how doing something ridiculously spontaneous could bring such rich rewards.

Beautiful evening light across the mountains
Beautiful evening light across the mountains

Jack will never believe us again when we say we’re just popping up the lane…

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