Shaken AND Stirred

After three days we had savoured enough of the gloom enveloping Loch Lomond so it was time to move on again. One of the “must see” places on our trip was the Isle of Skye but rather than decamp there immediately, we broke the journey by stopping at Morvich campsite in Kintail, about 40 minutes away from the infamous Skye Bridge which was to be our favoured route across the water.

Leaving the site we had to initially backtrack down the eastern side of the Loch in order to swing around the southern shores before heading north again along the western edge. Loch Lomond itself is over 22 miles long so it was a while before we’d cleared the water’s edge en route to Fort William on the A82 which took us through the most stunning scenery experienced so far as it snaked its way through Glencoe. From here on in, every turn revealed yet another breathtaking view as the magnificence of the Scottish Highlands unveiled itself.

Glencoe. Stirring scenery
Glencoe. Stirring scenery

James Bond fans may recall that it was on this route through Glencoe where Bond stopped briefly as he was escaping London to take “M” to be killed in his childhood home of Skyfall – although that wasn’t his intention, of course. (Apologies if you haven’t seen the film by the way)

The real star of the show here though was the scenery. The views may have certainly stirred us, but the shaking from the, still, appalling road surfaces marred the experience somewhat.

And there was no sign of Bond.

This wasn’t Bond’s car…
Still a lot of snow on the tops of the mountains
Still a lot of snow on the tops of the mountains

4 thoughts on “Shaken AND Stirred”

  1. I think I was about 10 years old when I last went to Loch Lomond. Lovely pics. You should have stayed home to spot 007. A local snapped Daniel Craig coming out of the Queen and Castle recently!


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