Sunshine and Smalls

Today’s been brilliant. We awoke to mist over the mountains but with brighter skies behind. By the time we’d had breakfast, then morning coffee the weather was looking promising. Andy plotted a walking route from the site for a nice steady 3 or 4 mile walk up and around a hill (though it felt more like a mountain to me) We headed off and part way up the hill/mountain we sat for a rest. The sun was out and the skies had cleared to a beautiful blue!  A local gentleman approached and chatted to us a while. The people of Moffat seem lovely and friendly. After letting Jack catch his breath we carried on. The day got hotter and the skies more blue, it was just beautiful.

Day getting hotter and the sky getting bluer!
Day getting hotter and the sky getting bluer!

We decided after the walk to just enjoy sitting outside the van and soak up the sun (as it is a rare sight) and perhaps get some washing done!  After Andy had had his shower I trotted off to the laundry room, bucket of washing and washing powder in hand. As I hand washed our small load I chatted to another woman doing the same. We talked of our journeys, our life at home and our children. You can find out such a lot from a person while washing your smalls in a campsite laundry room! Back to the van I was excited to use, for the first time our little mini clothes peg gadget, (very sad, but it’s the little things that really count when living in van) and it is surprising how resourceful you become. Socks and smalls were beautifully pegged out and Andy’s tripod became the gadget holder.

Enjoying the sunshine at Moffat campsite
Enjoying the sunshine at Moffat campsite

It continued to be a lovely dry evening so Andy cooked salmon on the griddle pan on the little stove outside the van. Another 1st of the trip! However as the evening sun cooled eating indoors was the better option. Retrieving the washing that evening and finding it still quite wet I headed off to the laundry room once again to use the tumble dryer. £1 for a twenty minute drying time, I inserted £2 and left it to do it’s thing. Fifty minutes later I returned to retrieve beautifully warm dry clothes. However folding our underwear while chatting to a man hand washing his smalls was a little disconcerting to say the least. But hey, this is proper camping!!

Unfortunately, the promise of better weather was short-lived as the next morning dawned with heavy cloud and rain confining us to the van for most of the day. By evening though the rain had subsided and we managed to get out for a walk around Moffat town which, to be honest, felt a bit dismal in the miserable weather, but had the potential to be a more appealing place in the sunshine as there were several hotels, restaurants and quite up-market shops.

Moffat looking dismal
Moffat looking a bit dismal


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